rental apartments with high-quality fittings


of office space


of retail space
(REWE approx. 3,700m² | DM DROGERIE approx. 780m²)


rooms in the INNSIDE hotel by Melia Hotels


parking spaces

Be part of it

We are always looking for something special. Every day, again and again. With THE EAST, you have found it. Strolling along the passage through THE EAST, you can feel the pulse of life right up close. Because this is where it all comes together. From the distinctive architecture, to shopping facilities for day-to-day needs in a supermarket or drugstore, to the adjacent hotel and modern offices.

Spacious outdoor areas invite you to spend a little time, whether it’s for a quick shopping trip or the inspiring walk. In a nutshell, everything that arouses enthusiasm on a large scale is also impressive in detail here.

The new lively place of the east

The new lively place of the east

The new place to be